Issue 20.15: Alan Grayson

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A Walk on the Mild Side: Controversial Congressman Alan Grayson weighs in on politics, his personal philosophy, and the future of the LGBT community, MCC Tampa’s Phyllis Hunt announces retirement, GSA saga continues in Lake County, St. Pete’s freeFall puts intimate spin on Spring Awakening, local news, celebrity photos, and much more!

Watermark Issue 20.15// July 18-31, 2013

On the Cover: Congressman Alan Grayson enjoys the lake at Shadow Bay Park in Orlando during an exclusive photo shoot for Watermark. Photo by Jake Stevens

Page 17 | Shocking death
Within a day of reports that Glee star Cory Monteith was found dead in a Canadian hotel room, the Westboro Baptist Church announced plans to protest his funeral.

Page 8 | Orlando News
Members of Westboro Baptist Church are drowned out by counter-protesters at UCF; Lake County delays GSA vote-again; NAACP discusses LGBT rights at local workshop.

Page 12 | Tampa Bay News
Two of the three candidates for St. Petersburg mayor talked issues and Pride at the Metro Center earlier this month; Rev. Phyllis Hunt will retire from MCC Tampa in August; A transgender student is denied access to her restroom.

Page 23 | In Depth
Congressman Alan Grayson gets personal with an in-depth interview with Watermark publisher Tom Dyer. He talks about why he wanted to return to congress and what the future of LGBT rights holds in the Sunshine State.

Page 27 | Spring Awakening
St. Petersburg’s freeFall Theatre tackles the big production Spring Awakening in a very intimate setting. Three out members of the cast, and openly gay director Eric Davis, talk about the rock musical’s influence and impact.

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