Thank you letter to the Florida Family Association

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Mikael Audebert, executive director of Converge (Orlando’s LGBT visitor’s bureau), has written the best thing we’ve seen all day.

Audebert penned a thank you letter to the Florida Family Association (FFA), thanking the hate group for helping to make Gay Days weekend 2013 the most successful ever by publicizing the event. Each year, the FFA hires a banner plan to fly over Orlando “warning” families about Gay Day at Disney.

The plane got a little extra attention this year after Watermark published a copy of the invoice, revealing that the FFA pays $12,300 for the anti-gay message.

In addition to thanking the FFA for the “$16,000 contribution in publicity,” the letter asks, “Why don’t you just write a check directly to Converge Orlando to further promote LGBT tourism in our region?”

Read the full letter:



Audebert received an email response from David Caton with the FFA (we’ve preserved the grammatical errors):

Ha Ha!

If we didn’t have a variety of impacts on this you wouldn’t have taken the time to try to prove your case.

We recognize that your side worked hard to influence Floridians to go to Gay Day to make up for the loss that influence with regular families. BTW influencing Florida residents does not have the same impact as out of state tourists.

Disney’s numbers for NONE-Gay Day attendees were down substantially thanks in part to our online publicity and these airplanes.

Nice try.


Then, the FFA declared the hate plane campaign a “victory” on their website. ‘Cause that’s all it takes.

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