Tampa Bay: The Broken Tusk

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The cusp of The Tusk
There’s a swell of LGBTs flocking to a somewhat-new nightspot in St. Petersburg these days. The Broken Tusk has taken on the identity of an unofficial LGBT hot spot by sporting everything from karaoke and sports on the flat screen televisions to drag shows hosted by Jaeda Fuentes and Bitchy Bingo Sundays with Meagan Towers.

The bar opened in October 2012 and hasn’t outwardly marketed itself as an LGBT destination. But it didn’t take long for the community to discover the tiki bar, outdoor patio and 2,400 square-foot bar. It also doesn’t hurt that bar managers are Levi and Judah Love, two handsome members of our community.

The Broken Tusk is open 365 days a year and is at 4685 28th St. North in St. Petersburg.

Up and running
At the end of 2012, Watermark profiled Bill Kanouff on its cover as one of the most remarkable people of the year. The profile shared Kanouff’s story following a motorcycle that resulted in him losing his left leg. Now, that story has literally helped him to get up and running again.

Kanouff will debut his new leg in the Feb. 18 at Telecom Park when he participates in the I Will Inspire 5K run along with other amputees.

He said that he was so excited to learn about the run that he signed up before fully thinking it through, adding that he doesn’t even have the new leg yet!

Kanouff’s determination will no doubt make this run a reality and, even if he’s not able to run the entire distance, we have every faith that he’ll make it across the finish line. He also said he’s informed his partner, Gene, that he’s running in the 5K with him.

The free leg will change Kanouff’s life, and he graciously says that the article in Watermark helped secure the new appendage. We wish him well in the raceâ┚¬â€and beyond!

It looks like Sarasota is becoming even more attractive for new residents than in years past! According to an article from CBS’ MoneyWatch, the city of Sarasota attracted a sizeable chunk of relocating residents in 2012, earning it a place on the site’s Top-10 places to move list.

The story highlights a slew of attractive features in Sarasota for new residents, especially its Siesta Key Beach, eco-tours, world-class restaurants and median home sale price of $165,000.

In 2012, 36 million people relocated, which is an increase from 2011’s sluggish figure of 35.1 million. We can only hope that many of those who moved to Sarasota last year are LGBT or allies that we’ll get to meet at Sarasota Pride this October!

The number one locale on the list? Atlanta, Ga. And Orlando landed a respectable No. 4 spot for new residents last year.

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