Orlando: Blackout at PH!

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Broadway Comes to Church Street
It was a packed house at Cheyenne Saloon, Dec. 30 for “Broadway Babes at the Historic Cheyenne Saloon.” As part of a kick-off to New Year’s, Hamburger Mary’s Orlando owners Mike Rogier and John Paonessa opened up the neighboring historic locale for a night of extravagant production numbers followed by a street dance party. More than 400 revelers gathered to see The Minx and Ginger Minj headline a ki-ki like no other alongside a cavalcade ensemble including Carol Lee and Tia Devine. “There are absolutely no words to describe the amount of love and joy that I have in my heart right now,” Minj posted on Facebook.  “[This] show was truly one of the most amazing experiences of my life.” buzz circulating afterwards is that Hamburger Mary’s as well as the performers hope to turn this into a regular event. “If this was the foundation, I can’t wait to build on it to see what develops,” posted Kirk Hartlage, who DJ’d the event. Want more Minj and Minx? Catch the duo every Sunday for Broadway Brunch at Hamburger Mary’s Orlando from 11 a.m.-1:30p.m.

Shame, on the Rocks
Watermark reported earlier this year that a new nightspot, Off Limits Nightclub was slated to open at the former location of the LGBT nightspot MrSisters. Since then, we learned via the club’s Facebook page that it did indeed open, Sept. 6. Pictures of scantily clad women behind the bar and lots of linked up male-female couples, which leads one to believe they are, indeed targeting a straight crowd. More proof of this was apparent as we read on. It seems the club’s new owners are not seeking LGBT clients. When a commenter asked, “Did they turn it into a straight club?” Off Limits Nightclub/Restaurant was quick to respond, “Yes ma’am!” The Commenter then asked, “What type of crowd have you been bringing in? I’m just not trying to deal with a bunch of college kids and their drama!!” Off Limits Nightclub/Restaurant responded, “We only have college night on Wednesdays. Every other night of the week is a mature crowd with a strict dress code.” Sounds like their name speaks for itself. Or maybe they should try “Disparaging Nightclub and Grille.”

That’s the Night the Lights Went Out at PH
Just after the clock struck midnight and pop star Amber was taking the stage New Years Eve, Parliament House went dark. According to staff, a grid blew in the area, causing the power to go out in the entire neighborhood surrounding the nightclub. The set back didn’t seem to faze party-goers. Probably a handful of people exited, not wanting to wait. One person said the darkened scene simply reminded them of Gay Days past. “It’ll probably just turn into a big grope fest,” he jested. Amber went on with her performance – lights or no lights. Thanks to ingenuity by the Footlight Players – who all turned on the lights on their phones holding them above Amber – she had an instant spotlight. Within 15 minutes, employees had kicked on the club’s generators and the lights slowly began to reignite throughout the club as the audience cheered and continued their revelry.

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