Issue 20.01: Health and Fitness with Bill Bennett

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Reconstruction Zone: Bill Bennett’s Orlando fitness program reflects his experience and medical know-how, 3 months after violence took his friends, a Kenwood man plans to rebuild, Bette Midler: Proud to be a gay icon, local news, celebrity interviews, and much more!

Watermark Issue 20.01// Jan. 3-16, 2013

Page 8 | Orlando News
The board of Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts decided self-produce Broadway touring shows, raising concerns with its supporters; Hope and Help heads into 2013 with new officers in place; more.

Page 12 | Tampa Bay News
After losing his home and two friends to an act of violence in 2012, Kenwood Neighborhood resident Mitch Harrison looks to rebuild his home and life in 2013; after months of rumors, Quench Lounge is set to open its doors in Largo Jan. 18.

Page 26 | Screened Out
On the stage, Les Miserables is a grand, sweeping spectacle. But unfortunately, it falters on screen. Critic Stephen Miller says the film showcases two-dimensional characters belting turgid opera while the camera sits three inches from their noses, for three hours.

Page 35 | Health and Fitness
It’s a new year, which means there are new fitness trends, and nothing is trendier than themed runs. Whether athletes are outrunning a staged Zombie Apocalypse or getting dowsed with colored powder, these runs will no doubt continue growing in 2013.

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