90’s dance diva Amber to rock in the New Year at PH

By : Erik R. Caban
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As in years past, Parliament House is bringing some popular pop-stars to its stage to ring in the New Year. Beginning Dec. 29, this year’s line-up includes “Horny” singer Inaya Day and culminates with Amber on Dec. 31.

While it may seem like the songster’s mainstream relevancy has faded since her last U.S. hit, 2006’s “Melt With the Sun,” that doesn’t mean the 42-year-old Germany native hasn’t been hard at work. A veritable hit-maker of the 90s and 2000s, she is probably best known for her hits “This is Your Night,” “Sexual,” “Above the Clouds” and “If You Could Read My Mind.”

She assures you can expect plenty of those familiar hits to ring in 2013.

“Years ago, I decided to cut certain songs out of my performance,” Amber explains. “After two shows I had enough feedback to understand that my hits will always be my hits and if I want to make it out alive from any venue, I better keep them on my repertoire.”

Many of her songs continue to remain timeless. In 2008, she even released a remix of 1995’s “This is Your Night.”

“The crowd always loses its mind and sings along when they hear the tune start,” Amber says. “It’s just wonderful! There is no real conclusive explanation to [why songs remain timeless],” Amber says. “I just feel blessed to be able to be a soundtrack to some people’s lives. I love what I do and it must be showing.”

Like a number of celebrities, Amber offers up the usual “shout out to all my fans. Without you, I would not be where I am.” While this is usually insincere chatter, she made a point to go beyond, attributing much of her success – 16 years and counting as a dance floor diva – to her gay fans.

“I feel very blessed to have them,” she says. “They are just a very committed and loyal group of fans to have. I also believe that by coming out, many have lots of trials and issues to master and dance music gives them the uplift for a moment in their lives.”

It’s evident she appreciates the people who buy her records, attend her performances, and offer comments on her Facebook page. She even personally responds to most of the posts.

“I am very accessible to my fans and I think that they can sense the sincerity in that, she says.

Amber is also very aware and involved with LGBT charities and organizations. She has done countless ones – many focused on equality.

“It is ridiculous in this day and age that people are discriminated against for who they naturally love and that there are actually monies pissed away by bigots and religious groups to stop what is already basically written in the constitution,” she declares. “We have wars and crimes and environmental issues to worry about, not a group of small-minded people trying to hold up progress that is very much needed globally. Humans really need to focus on the big picture here and stop the ignorance.”

Her latest single “I Don’t Believe in Hate” is a perfect example of her support of anti-discrimination.

“The song revolves around the message to defy negativity, which we all receive at times and rise above it and not to let it bring you down,” Amber clarifies. “As long as you are good-spirited, there is nothing you have to fear; our diversity is what makes us all special.”

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WHAT: Amber
WHERE: Parliament House, Orlando
WHEN: Monday, Dec. 31
TICKETS: ParliamentHouse.com

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