Orange County Domestic Partner Registry Goes Countywide

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Couples gathered in the Orange County administration building to register as domestic partners July 6, the first day a countywide registry became available. Full story here. Photos by Andres Duputel.

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  • Kat Langworthy

    October 29, 2011 I was legally bound by marriage to a woman whom I have loved for nearly 10 years. That was in New York, we have since moved to Orlando and our marriage means nothing here but there is a registry that gives her and I a right to call the shots in an emergency. So, is there any fight going on to actually legalize marriage or has the fighting stopped with being registered. When I think of this registry, it makes me feel like a pet that needs to be registered for his license. I applaud the hard work that has gone into getting this registry but what is next? Where can I be within this fight? I fought in NY, we changed the minds of people who were unsure about gays marrying. Many thought it was just a publicity stunt, that it was just a joke on straight people. Who had the last laugh? Some gays got married just to say they got married and later divorced. But not us, we married, because we could, as a piece of paper gave us that right. We move and are no longer married, just another lesbian couple, once registered in Orange County, will have a right once again via a piece of paper, but not married. I ask what more can there be done?