Central Florida model, performer found dead

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PALM BAY, Fla. – A well-known model with the Corbin Fisher adult website was found dead in his home on March 26, and rumors are circulating about the cause of his death.

Matthew Bremer, who performed as “Sean” on the popular web site, was only 22 at the time of his death. While no official cause of death has been released, inquiries about his supposed drug use have spread rapidly over the internet.

While Bremer’s family and Corbin Fisher have eulogized his life and success as a model, the gay blog Kruezer at Night alleged in an April 4 post that the gay media is covering up details about Bremer’s career and death due to possible advertising pressure from Corbin Fisher.

In a statement, Jason Gibson, CEO of Corbin Fisher, described the model as a “dream come true” for someone in the adult entertainment industry.

“Beyond handsome and so naturally attractive and fit,” Gibson said of Bremer. “More importantly, though, he had the most open, accepting attitude when it came to sex and sexuality. From the first day we met him, he made no secret that, while he had a girlfriend and cared for and loved her deeply, he could appreciate and enjoy other men as well.”

Bremer modeled with Orlando-based Chrome Talent and appeared in several sexual scenes on Corbin Fisher. He identified as straight, sources say, but some closer to the adult entertainment industry say he was bisexual.

“Tormented bisexual Matthew ‘Sean’ Bremer couldn’t reconcile what he did with women off camera and what he did privately for paid companionship with wealthy gay men to finance his appetite for the things his modeling and painting business couldn’t provide,” an entry on Kruezer at Night alleged. The blog further claims that Bremer unintentionally overdosed on prescription medicine given to him by a male client who the blog claims paid Bremer for sex.

The blog also posted information about a Sanford drug arrest claiming Bremer was in possession of controlled substances.

Whatever the circumstances, his sudden death left fans reeling, who posted numerous well-wishes to the deceased performer and his family.

“Goodbye Matt, I will always remember you,” one fan posted. “I will never forget your beautiful eyes‚ I love you.”

Another fan spoke of Bremer’s inspiring role as a model, actor and performer. He is also remembered as an open-minded young man, who credited that to his upbringing.

According to Gibson, Bremer’s dad came out as gay when Bremer was a teenager and Bremer’s family valued the importance of being open and honest with oneself and others. He also spoke about how much the performer enjoyed hearing from fans and admirers.

“The deep sorrow felt with his loss is matched only by the tremendous gratitude we all feel at having had the opportunity to get to know and work with this incredible young man,” Gibson said. “In his year at Corbin Fisher, ‘Sean’ has had an enormous impact upon a great many of us – from the fans who knew him for his enthusiasm, charisma, and remarkable good looks, to his co-workers and fellow performers who knew him as a generous and selfless friend.”

According to Bremer’s obituary, he was born in Orlando and lived most of his life in Palm Bay where he graduated from Bayside High School. Bremer went on to work as a model and was awarded the 2011 model of the year.

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