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By : Steve Blanchard
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SteveBlanchardHeadshotWhy do you feel he is a Christian Taliban? He has a genuine relationship with the Lord and is pro-family.

That was part of the argument shared with me by a straight, married, Christian friend of mine when I mentioned my increasing fears of Rick Santorum. I referred to the former senator as promoting a Christian Taliban after his ongoing campaign speeches endorsed Judeo-Christian values based on Biblical truth. Of course, the notoriously anti-gay Republican candidate was referring to his opposition to same-sex marriage and its un-biblical place in society. His anti gay fodder is no longer just fuel for Weekend Update segments and commentary on The Daily Show. It has gained more momentum thanks to his virtual tie with Mitt Romney in the Iowa Caucus. The walking, talking version of the satirical Onion and ChristWire is now gaining serious attention.

While I respect and genuinely like the man who said the above statement about Santorum, I couldn’t disagree with him more. I would rather have a single, atheist president who understands budgets, job creation and the importance of civil rights rather than a self-righteous Christian who refers to ancient texts when it comes to governing my country. A candidate’s faith is as important to me as his or her favorite color.

My friend continued to say that the Constitution of the United States was based on biblical law and that taking God out of the equation isn’t the answer for our country. He added that it’s his God that should remain in the equation, not the god of that Mormon guy Romney, who should be feared for his crazy beliefs.

So if I understand right, the beliefs of a guy wanting to use a thousands-year-old text to govern today’s modern society is less crazy than a guy who believes the same text, but incorporates an American character into the arcing story?

[Biblical truths] don’t change just because people’s attitudes may change, Santorum says, on video, while referencing the growing support for same-sex marriage rights in this country. He goes on to make it clear that blending Biblical law with civil law would be his answer, as president, to healing our ailing country.

For many social-conservatives, that sounds like the perfect fix although based on Santorum’s recent showing in New Hampshire and his poll numbers in South Carolina, his dated views are slowing his post-Iowa momentum. It could be because Santorum is constantly ignoring those other passages in the Bible condemning everything from mixed-fiber shirts and unclean, menstruating women to the promotion of slavery.

If Santorum or other social conservatives truly wanted to follow the Bible to the letter, they would lead very different lives. But, by hand-picking which passages have merit and which ones don’t, you destroy your own belief system.

Every anti-gay Bible basher uses Leviticus as a source when referencing the evils of a man lying with a man, yet they seem to forget the same Old Testament book outlaws the eating of shellfish.

You can’t have it both ways. Either you are a true believer in all that the Bible says or not. You can’t choose to reference it to outlaw same-sex marriage and then ignore it when you’re on your way to dine on all-you-can-eat Alaskan Crab at Red Lobster.

As of press time, it looks like Santorum’s chances of becoming the 2012 GOP presidential candidate are pretty slim. But the damage he’s done regarding LGBT equality on the campaign trail is very real. Whether he is supported by 50% or 5% of conservatives brings one terrifying truth to light there are thousands out there who agree with his skewed views.

The Bible or any other religious text does not and should not be used to determine today’s laws. It doesn’t work, just look at the chaos in the Middle East. And using the Bible as a political prop to pit one segment of society against another is no different than using the Koran to justify the suicide bombing of a Christian daycare.

It doesn’t make sense and religious doctrine in our laws is the last thing we need.

The translation of  Taliban is student, and as a student of Christianity with extreme views, Santorum fits the definition. And that’s why my fears are justified.

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