Meet the guy who won free movies for a year!

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Do you know Thomas Bastian? You should try to meet him, because he is the first winner in a full year of giveaways celebrating Watermark’s 15th Anniversary.

Winner1Inside_587165986.jpgIf you become friends with Thomas Bastian, maybe he’ll take you with him to the movies, because he just won free movies for a year. It was easy! All he did to enter the contest was to comment on a specific Watermark Online article. We randomly selected the winner, and so that means Thomas Bastian walked away with two VIP passes to the new Plaza Cinema Cafe in downtown Orlando, good for as many movies as he wants, whenever he wants, for an entire year.

What’s he going to see first? Angels & Demons. Seriously, we asked him.

Are you feeling blue because you did not win?

Don’t be sad! Keep watching this space, because in the next week or so, we’ll announce our next giveaway, and trust me when I say that it’s a good one. Here’s a hint: around the office, it’s known as “The Rockstar Package.”

Congratulations, Thomas Bastian!

Good luck next time, everyone else!

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